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NSW WeedWise is provided as a free smartphone app through the app stores.

Like the web version, the smartphone app provides key information to help users reduce the impact of over 325 weeds in New South Wales.

Users, ranging from home gardeners and residents to farmers, land managers and weeds professionals, can search or browse weed names (common or scientific); recognise a weed by its physical description and image gallery; and find out about its impacts, where it occurs, how it spreads and its preferred habitat.

Control options are described for each weed and the herbicides registered for control by the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority are listed, including application rates and techniques, and any minor-use permits that must be complied with.

General, state or regional biosecurity duties under the Biosecurity Act 2015 are displayed for each weed.

Features include:

Users experience different functions within the app depending on whether they are landholders, residents or weeds professionals.

Landholders and residents can enter the contact details of their local council weeds officer, and then directly report sightings of state priority weeds via email.

Weeds professionals can share information about a weed with clients via email, including a weed's profile, biosecurity duties, control advice and herbicide options.

NSW WeedWise incorporates the content contained in the NSW Weed Control Handbook, a free, publication from NSW Department of Primary Industries.