NSW Parthenium Weed Strategic Plan

Cover NSW Parthenium Strategy

Parthenium weed is prohibited matter in NSW. It invades pastures and crops and causes human health problems including respiratory problems and severe dermatitis. It can also cause health problems in livestock.

Conditions are ideal for parthenium weed in most areas of NSW except for very arid or wet areas. This is a significant threat because parthenium weed:

  • is unpalatable to livestock
  • outcompetes pastures
  • contaminates grain
  • reduces crop yield
  • is a host plant for crop viruses
  • can taint meat or milk
  • releases a chemical that prevents other plants from growing.

Parthenium weed occurs across 18 million hectares of prime grazing land in central Queensland. 60 million hectares of Queensland are affected in total, costing the pasture industry $68 million each year, and incurring an extra $20 per person in health services costs in infested areas. Plants have been detected as far south as Goondiwindi, on the NSW border. It is imperative that we keep New South Wales free from self-sustaining populations of parthenium weed.

NSW Department of Primary Industries led the development of the NSW Parthenium Weed Strategy which details strategic direction for effective detection and control of parthenium weed. If you would like more information about the Strategy please contact weeds@dpi.nsw.gov.au

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NSW Parthenium Weed Strategic Plan
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