Preparing compost from aquatic weeds removed from waterways


This Primefact outlines the factors that need to be taken into account if you plan to compost aquatic weeds removed from waterways. Composting effectively reduces the viability of the weeds and allows for the safe re-use of the nutrients and organic matter contained in the weed material. However, it is important to manage the composting process in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Standard for compost, soil conditioners and mulches (AS4454) to minimise the risk of weeds surviving. Of particular concern is alligator weed which can grow in soil and water.

Likewise, compost quality can vary from site to site, so it is important to test individual batches of compost using the criteria defined by AS4454. Understanding the properties of the compost will help to maximise the benefits from using it, as well as minimise potential risks associated with heavy metals, chemical residues and other compounds that may cause damage to plants.


Primefact 229 First Edition

Published: 01 Sep 2006