Biological control of weeds: A practitioner’s guide for south-east Australia

Biological control of weeds manual

Australia has a long and distinguished history of successful weed management using biological control (biocontrol). It is a technology that has proven to be environmentally friendly, self-sustaining, and cost-effective.

This manual was written to assist weed practitioners interested in utilising and maximising the benefits of weed biocontrol as part of their weed management plans in south-east Australia.

The key steps for undertaking weed biocontrol programs for more than 50 weed species in south-east Australia are addressed, as well as information being provided for:

  • weeds and their background
  • how to identify biocontrol agents (the weed’s natural enemies) and their potential impact on the weed
  • how to source biocontrol agents
  • how to redistribute these agents
  • how to monitor establishment and dispersal of such agents.

This document is not fully web accessible, please contact for more information.