Salvinia control manual

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Salvinia molesta is a free-floating, mat-forming aquatic fern native to Brazil. In Australia, salvinia is an invasive and widespread weed in freshwater systems. Salvinia is a Weed of National Significance because of its invasiveness and its severe environmental economic and social impacts (see NSW WeedWise for information about salvinia).

The information presented in this manual provides a basis for the development of site-specific management strategies. It is based on a review of published information, a survey of field practices carried out by technical experts and weed managers, and a workshop on integrating control methods for salvinia. The quotes appearing in this manual come from discussions and presentations by participants at the workshop (National Salvinia Workshop, Grafton, 2005). The case studies in Part 4 present specific management strategies, detail the control methods used and highlight successes and failures.

Salvinia control manual
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