Identify the risks

A biosecurity risk is anything that could increase the impacts of pests, diseases,  weeds or contaminants on the economy, environment or community.

The risk may not directly impact you and your property, but may impact someone else. By law, you must still take steps to address these risks. This means everyone is doing their part.

Creating a farm biosecurity plan is one way that can help you to identify risks.

Things you can consider:

  • Farm inputs
    • Water, feed and animals coming on to your property
    • Machinery movements on and off your property
    • Chemicals and fertilisers entering your property
  • Farm outputs
    • Identified pest animals and weeds in your region
    • Water, plants and plant products and animals
    • Waste materials
  • Priority pest animals and weeds in your area
  • The type of farm you have and what you produce
  • Your location
    • Some diseases, pests and weeds are more problematic in certain locations
    • Different laws exist in different states
  • Whether you have visitors or a transient workforce, who they are, where they are traveling from.
  • The seasonal conditions
    • Some pests, weeds and diseases respond to seasonal conditions.