NSW Aboriginal Aquaculture Strategy


Murray Cod

Aquaculture has been practiced for thousands of years by Aboriginal communities who used sophisticated fish traps on inland and coastal waters to capture and hold fish. Aboriginal fish traps in NSW still exist today and stand as a testament to Aboriginal knowledge of engineering and fish migration. Globally aquaculture is recognised as a developing industry that can provide economic and employment outcomes, particularly in rural and remote areas. Like all primary industries, challenges must be carefully measured, including business planning, skills development, the remoteness of some inland and coastal areas of NSW, water security, and unpredictable environmental influences.

Inland Aboriginal Aquaculture Strategy (NSW)


Aboriginal people in NSW have expressed a keen interest in aquaculture, recognising aquaculture development in NSW can provide employment and economic growth for Aboriginal people and their communities. To assist with driving this initiative a subcommittee formed under the Aboriginal Fishing Advisory Council (AFAC) is exploring livelihood based inland aquaculture enterprises for Aboriginal people and communities. Key to this will be identifying species and farming systems that fit with Aboriginal peoples’ cultural and economic aspirations and capacities.

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Work experience

Brewarrina fish traps

The NSW DPI is offering interested Aboriginal people work experience in fish hatcheries run by the agency across the state. The focus of these hatcheries is to supply fish for various stocking programs being run across NSW.  Placement for up to one week for school students in Year 10 and over and other interested people is being offered at;

Work experience aims to provide participants time in an operating hatchery to experience operational demands for the job role and industry. Participants may get 'hands-on' experience in pond and/or tank maintenance; water quality monitoring; handling fish; health management and record keeping. A limited number of placements will be available each year and offered under an Expression of Interest (EOI) process.

To register your interest submit the Work Experience EOI Form or download a printable version. DPI staff are available to help complete this form. Forms can also be obtained by contacting (02) 4916 3826. Further enquiries can be made by email to aboriginal.fishing@dpi.nsw.gov.au or by phoning (02) 4916 3826.

*Travel and accommodation requirements are the responsibility of the prospective individual unless otherwise offered. Preferred location and/or timing cannot be guaranteed and is subject to availability.