About FishOnline

FishOnline is the department's web based system for administering commercially related fishing activity.  The system is used for all business related transactions and catch and effort reporting.

The platform allows for customers to use the system themselves. FisherDirect and FisherMobile are the components of the system that have been developed to accommodate self-service at any time of the day or night.

FishOnline - FisherDirect

FishOnline - FisherDirect is an online computer based system available for use by commercial and charter fishing business owners, commercial fishers, commercial fishing boat licence holders and their appointed agents. FisherDirect allows you "direct" access to a range of online services tailored to your individual requirements. Currently FisherDirect offers transactions associated with:

  • quota transfers
  • fishing business and share transfers
  • catch and effort reporting
  • viewing and posting of advertisements for sale and trade
  • enquiries on quota, fishing business and licence transactions
  • renewal of licenses
  • users can also access their own financial account information, including the ability to view and pay invoices online using a credit card through a secure gateway
  • the appointment and management of agents

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FishOnline - FisherMobile

FishOnline - FisherMobile is a smartphone/tablet/iPad application for use by commercial fishers to interact with the FishOnline system in a mobile capacity. Key FishOnline - FisherMobile functions include:

  • submit, manage and view fishing activity reports
  • access and view real time quota balances  for both consumable and non-consumable quotas
  • view any registered ocean prawn trawl (OPT) boats
  • submit catch and effort reports while on the move
  • access digital authorities
  • view activity log information

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FishOnline contacts/support

A FishOnline Helpline is available to provide assistance and support. Please refer to FishOnline Contacts.