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About FishOnline – AquaDirect

FishOnline AquaDirect is a secure online business system for aquaculture lease and/or permit holders and their agents and is used to view their authority information and complete selected business transactions.

FishOnline AquaDirect is a web-based system that can be accessed using any mobile (android, tablet or iOS device) or computer device providing it has internet access and it can run the latest browser versions of the Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

AquaDirect key features include:

  • Allows users to view their customer details, lease and permit holdings
  • Allows users to submit their production data for the current production year and view previous years’ production data
  • Allows users to manage their agents (i.e. individuals acting on behalf of the user) and allocate specific permissions to their agents

FishOnline - AquaDirect Registration

In order to use AquaDirect, you will need to registercriteria for registration applies.

FishOnline – AquaDirect Login

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Register an Agent

An agent is someone who can transact on your behalf in an online capacity.

Agents can only be appointed to operate in the FishOnline AquaDirect system. It does not authorise them to act on your behalf outside of the AquaDirect system.

You can appoint an agent and permission them to access information and perform certain functions and transactions within the system on your behalf Register an agent

FishOnline - AquaDirect Demonstrations

The following AquaDirect demonstrations have been developed to assist you with using the online services.

First Time Login and Password Reset

Account Profile and Management

Production Returns - Aquaculture

FishOnline AquaDirect Frequently Asked Questions

You may find the following factsheet useful if looking for answers in relation to a list of frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions