Ministerial Fisheries Advisory Council

The Ministerial Fisheries Advisory Council has been established to provide the Minister for Primary Industries with high-level strategic policy advice on issues relating to the management of fisheries resources in NSW.

This will include broad advice to assist with the management of commercial fishing, recreational/charter fishing and Aboriginal cultural fishing as well as issues which impact across fisheries and sectors such as resource sharing, co-management, cost recovery and ecosystem based fisheries management.

The Council has prepared a Strategy (PDF, 664.24 KB) to address its terms of reference, and in particular, to establish a work program of key strategies and outcomes identified by the Council as the focus of its work over the next three years.  The Strategy is regularly reviewed and updated.

The Council operates under a Charter (PDF, 82.79 KB) which sets out the objectives and mode of operation of the Council and the roles and responsibilities of members.


The composition of the Council is prescribed under clause 287 of the Fisheries Management (General) Regulation 2010. The Council is to be composed of 5 voting members and an independent Chair, all appointed by Cabinet on the nomination of the Minister for Primary Industries. In addition, a senior member of the Department of Primary Industries will attend as an ex officio (non voting) member.

The 5 voting members of the Council are to include the following:

  • one person who the Minister is satisfied has expertise in commercial fishing or will represent commercial fishing interests,
  • one person who the Minister is satisfied has expertise in recreational fishing or will represent recreational fishing interests,
  • one person who the Minister is satisfied has expertise in aquaculture or will represent aquaculture interests,
  • one person who the Minister is satisfied has expertise in Aboriginal cultural fishing or will represent Aboriginal cultural fishing interests,
  • one person who the Minister is satisfied has expertise in conservation of aquatic resources or will represent those conservation interests.

Current membership

Chair – Mr Richard Stevens OAM

Mr Richard Stevens OAM has a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Queensland and extensive experience across Australia in natural resource management, fishing industry operations and economics. Mr Stevens is currently Deputy Chair and Commissioner for the Australian Fisheries Management Authority and Chair of various State fisheries management advisory committees. Mr Stevens is a former Director of the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation. In 2008 Mr Stevens received the Medal of the Order of Australia for his service to the fishing industry, particularly through fisheries management.

Mr Graeme Byrnes

Mr. Graeme Byrnes is a 4th generation professional fisherman with over 35 years experience in the NSW commercial fishing industry. Based on the mid north coast region of NSW, Graeme has been a fishing industry representative and advocate for over 30 years with keen interest in fisheries management.  Graeme is the former Chair of the Seafood Industry Council Inc, Deputy Chair of the Ministerial Seafood Industry Advisory Council, winner of the 2009 'Star of the Sea' award and in 2013 was an inaugural inductee into the Australian Seafood Industry Hall of Fame in recognition of his significant contribution to the Australian Seafood Industry.

Mr Stan Konstantaras

Mr Stan Konstantaras’ background is that of a rock fisher for over 30 years in the local area of Randwick and also the far north and south coast of NSW. He own 2 boats and travels extensively around Australia and the Pacific fishing in his spare time, fishing fresh and saltwater environments. As an individual and as part of the work Stan does on behalf of his associations, he has been awarded many accolades including 2012 RecFish Australia National Awards – Volunteer of the Year, 2010 NSW Water Safety Awards – The Minster's Award for Most Significant Contribution to Water Safety by an individual and the 2006 ANSA National Vic McCristol Award – Outstanding Contribution to Recreational Fishing.

Mr Mark Bulley

Mr Mark Bulley – has been actively involved with the aquaculture industry since 1983 both as an oyster farmer and advocate for industry development and sustainability.  Mr Bulley has a wealth of experience representing the industry on numerous consultative and steering committees and advisory groups.

Assoc Prof Stephan Schnierer

Stephan Schnierer is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Environment, Sciences and Engineering at Southern Cross University, and is currently undertaking research on Indigenous cultural fishing. He has extensive knowledge and experience in fisheries biology and management, Indigenous fisheries and Traditional Fishing Knowledge. Stephan is committed to advocating for the rights of Indigenous people to maintain their cultural fishing practices.

Dr Sally Townley

Dr Sally Townley – has worked professionally as a conservation ecologist for over twenty years and has a deep understanding of ecological concepts and conservation principles.  Dr Townley has extensive experience in the development and implementation of Government policy and actions relating to conservation and natural resource management.


Meeting 19 - 21 September 2018 - Sydney
Chair's Summary Meeting 19  (PDF, 153.55 KB)

Meeting 18 - 8 June 2018 - Sydney
Chair's Summary Meeting 18  (PDF, 261.82 KB)

Meeting 17 - 15 March 2018 - Sydney
Chair's Summary Meeting 17  (PDF, 23.42 KB)

Meeting 15 - 7 & 8 September 2017 - Tweed Heads
Chair's Summary Meeting 15 (PDF, 43.72 KB)

Meeting 14 - 2 June 2017 - Port Stephens
Chair's Summary Meeting 14  (PDF, 26.86 KB)

Meeting 13 - 7 April 2017 - Sydney
Chair's Summary Meeting 13 (PDF, 50.97 KB)

Meeting 12 - 18 November 2016 - Sydney
Chair's Summary Meeting 12 (PDF, 38.21 KB)

Meeting 11 - 15 September 2016 – Bermagui
Chair's Summary Meeting 11 (PDF, 38.18 KB)

Meeting 10 – 2 June 2016 - Sydney
Chair's Summary Meeting 10 (PDF, 37.95 KB)

Meeting 9 – 18 March 2016 - Port Macquarie
Chair's Summary Meeting 9 (PDF, 42.41 KB)

Meeting 8 – 18 December 2015 - Sydney
Chair's Summary Meeting 8 (PDF, 42.62 KB)

Meeting 7 – 4 September 2015 - Ballina
Chair's Summary Meeting 7 (PDF, 43.99 KB)

Meeting 6 – 3 July 2015 – Nowra
Chair's Summary Meeting 6 (PDF, 46.09 KB)

Meeting 5 – 13 March 2015 – Sydney
Chair's Summary Meeting 5 (PDF, 41.96 KB)

Meeting 4 – 5 December  2014 – Sydney
Chair's Summary Meeting 4 (PDF, 43.66 KB)

Meeting 3 – 18 September 2014 – Coffs Harbour
Chair's Summary Meeting 3 (PDF, 37.07 KB)

Meeting 2 – 27 June 2014 – Sydney
Chair's Summary Meeting 2 (PDF, 35.42 KB)

Meeting 1 – 4 April 2014 – Sydney
Chair's Summary Meeting 1 (PDF, 47.31 KB)