Recreational Fishing NSW Advisory Council

The Recreational Fishing NSW Advisory Council (RFNSW) has been established to provide advice to the Minister for Primary Industries on key recreational fishing issues in NSW.

The Advisory Council is based around a modern representative model, ensuring the views of regional fishers from right across the State are communicated. RFNSW includes representation from eight regional areas, two members with expertise in spearfishing and charter boat fishing and other representatives that significantly benefit the function of the Advisory Council.

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Call: (02) 4424 7403

RFNSW Council Member Profiles

Independent Chair

Professor Johann Bell

Professor Johann Bell is a Visiting Professorial Fellow at the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security at the University of Wollongong with a keen interest in both freshwater and marine recreational fishing. Professor Bell’s recent activities include assessing the role that fisheries play in the food security of Pacific Island people and examining the effects of climate change on tropical Pacific fisheries and aquaculture.

Region 1 - Mid & Far North Coast

Mr David Rae

Mr David (Dave) Rae is a passionate angler who has fished competitively at local and state level, particularly beach and rock fishing activities. Dave has a Master of Science in Marine Studies and possesses an in depth knowledge of recreational fishing issues and challenges facing the sector. Dave is a well respected fishing journalist within the recreational fishing community.

Region 2 - Lower North Coast

Mr Paul Lennon

Mr Paul Lennon is a keen angler and has extensive experience in all forms of recreational fishing, especially on the North Coast. Paul is an owner operator of a fishing charter business in Port Stephens. His role as a fishing guide in the Port Stephens area allows for the provision of front line feedback from grass roots fishers.

Region 3 - Sydney & Central Coast

Mr Justin Duggan

Mr Justin Duggan is the owner operator of Sydney Fly Fishing tours. Justin is a highly respected Sydney fishing guide, fishing educator, speaker and photographer. Justin is an excellent communicator within the recreational fishing sector through various media.

Region 3 - Sydney & Central Coast

Mr Grahame Williams OAM

Mr Grahame Williams, OAM received a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in 2014 for service to game fishing. Grahame is the executive officer and life member of both the Australian and the NSW Game Fishing Associations with extensive experience in gamefishing. Grahame has excellent experience working on various fisheries management committees at a state, national and international level representing recreational fishing.

Region 4 - Illawarra

Mrs Vicki Lear

Mrs Vicki Lear is a well respected competitive fisher with an in-depth working knowledge of recreational fisheries management issues, especially in the Illawarra. Vicki is a strong supporter of women in fishing, including active promotion to encourage new female entrants into the sport.

Region 5 - South Coast


Region 6 - North West Inland

Mr Matt Hansen

Mr Matt Hansen is the founder and former president of the Inland Waterways Rejuvenation Association and an OzFish Unlimited Chapter volunteer. Matt received a Premiers Award in 2018 for ongoing services to the NSW community, and has undertaken major fish habitat restoration works in NSW using significant community funds he has helped raise.

Region 7 - South West Inland

Mr Karl Mathers

Mr Karl Mathers has an established career as a water and natural resource management consultant. He has knowledge of and a strong commitment to fisheries, environmental, aboriginal and drought management issues. Karl possesses a high level of awareness and working knowledge of state and Commonwealth legislation, particularly related to the environment and natural resources.

Region 8 - Central & Southern Tablelands

Mr Steve Samuels

Mr Steve Samuels is President of the Monaro Acclimatisation Society and Regional Vice President of the NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers. He is also member of the NSW Fisheries Trout Allocation Committee member and NSW Fisheries Snowy Lakes Working Group member. Steve is a retired fishing guide. Steve has an extensive understanding of the issues affecting the Snowy Mountain region.

Region 8 - Central & Southern Tablelands

Mr Ray Tang

Mr Ray Tang has 30 years experience and understanding of inland freshwater fisheries, including environmental factors, water quality, water levels, flows, fish stocking, noxious pest (redfin) control, access and riparian restoration. Ray is an excellent communicator with a broad range of stakeholders and is a member of numerous community and fisheries committees concerned with access, stocking and habitat issues, including member of the Central Acclimatisation Society and the NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers Inc. (CFA)

Charter Boat Fishing

Mr Vic Levett

Mr Vic Levett is a charter fishing business owner/operator in Sydney Harbour with a strong focus on sustainable fishing practices.Vic has been actively involved in fisheries research programs relating to acoustic/satellite tagging, mulloway tagging and artificial reefs.He is a well respected fishing journalist for Modern Fishing, Fishing World and Blue Water magazines.

Spear Fishing

Mr Ian Puckeridge

Mr Ian Puckeridge is a high profile spearfisher with extensive knowledge and experience in spearfishing in NSW. Ian is a member of the Australian Underwater Federation (Spearfishing) and is a nine times National Spearfishing Champion. He has a good understanding of resource sharing issues across the sector.

Social benefits of recreational fishing

Mr Matt Tripet

Mr Matt Tripet has 10 years’ experience as a professional fly fishing guide and fly casting instructor in the NSW Snowy Mountains. Matt is the founder and CEO of The Fly program, a registered charity that hosts recreational fishing ‘wilderness’ and mental fitness retreats to support adult males impacted by mental health adversity.

Nominee of Secretary

Mr Peter Turnell, DPI

Mr Peter (Pete) Turnell is the Director, Fisheries and Aquaculture Management, DPI Fisheries based in Nowra.

Regions map

RFNSW regions map

Outcomes of RFNSW meetings