Charter Fishing New South Wales Working Group

About the CFNSW Working Group

The CFNSW Working Group has been established to provide expert advice to Government on operational matters and management issues for the NSW Charter fishing sector. Other matters impacting recreational fishing are referred to the Recreational Fishing NSW Advisory Council (RFNSW) for consultation and discussion.

The Working group consists of seven regional member representations, and a RFNSW member position. Member positions are subject to nomination for a three year term. The role of industry members on the working group is to fairly and impartially represent the views of operators from that region. Representatives are encouraged to liaise with operators throughout their region to discuss ongoing and emerging issues and to raise these issues during CFNSW meetings.

Charter Fishing NSW Representative Regions




John Paton

Region 1

Kyle Cush

Region 2

Andrew Trappel

Region 3

Scott Thorrington

Region 4 (North)

John Lee

Region 4 (South)

Christian Worth

Region 5

Ann Garard

Region 6

Peter Dugan

Region 7

Christine Cattanach


Peter Dugan

Map of Charter Fishing NSW Working Group Representative Regions