Get a permit

There are a number of activities impacting on aquatic habitats and species for which you need a permit.

You will need a Part 7 Fisheries Management Act permit for:

  • activities involving dredging and reclamation work
  • activities temporarily or permanently obstructing fish passage
  • using explosives and other dangerous substances
  • harming marine vegetation

Still not sure if you need a permit? More information about these activities is available. You should also check with your local Fisheries Conservation Manager.

Importing live fish into NSW

NSW DPI maintains a list of fish species which cannot be imported (live) into NSW without a specific permit. These are species which have been identified as potentially posing a significant threat to native wildlife, ecosystems, human health or the State's aquaculture industries. See here for the current list. Department of Agriculture and Water Resources rules and regulations apply to the importation of fish from overseas.

Download permit application form: