Threatened species distribution maps

Marine and Estuarine Threatened Species

Indicative distribution maps of marine and estuarine threatened species in NSW are provided in the Primefacts for the individual threatened species. More detailed mapping is not available for the majority of these as most are highly mobile and can occur throughout the coastal waters of NSW.

Freshwater Threatened Species

Indicative distributions for a number of freshwater threatened species and populations in NSW were modelled using records collected over the last 20 years. They represent either the last remaining areas of known presence of those species in NSW, or river reaches that have a similar suite of environmental variables suitable for those species.

These latter river reaches could represent unsampled reaches where the species occurs, or areas of viable habitat that could support recovery actions such as conservation stocking of threatened species. The maps are available in formats useful for regional and site-based planning and assessments.

The Fish Communities and Threatened Species Distributions of NSW report (PDF, 4959.78 KB) contains full details of the methodology for data acquisition, modelling and production of the freshwater threatened species distribution maps.

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