Alpine Redspot Dragonfly

Alpine Redspot Dragonfly image © Gunther Theischinger

Alpine Redspot Dragonfly – Austropetalia tonyana


The Alpine Redspot Dragonfly is restricted to high altitude mountainous regions of south-eastern Australia that reach above 600 – 1,800 metres above sea level. Individuals have extremely specific habitat requirements in that they only occur amongst rocks, logs and moss within waterfall splash zones.


The larvae grow to 32-35mm long and adults grow to 70-80mm long.


The distinguishing characteristic of the Alpine Redspot Dragonfly is the several dark red spots that occur on the leading edge of each wing. Individuals also possess long pairs of yellow stripes on top of each abdominal segment as well as a yellow stripe that runs across the front of the face.

Species similar in appearance

Other dragonfly species including Austropetalia patricia and Austropetalia annaliese.

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