Black Rockcod

Black Rockcod

Black Rockcod - Epinephelus daemelii


The Black Rockcod is found in warm temperate and subtropical parts of the south-western Pacific.


Adult Black Rockcod can grow to 2 m in length and at least 80 kg in weight, but it is more common to see smaller fish (up to 1m/30kg).


Juveniles have a distinct black 'saddle' shaped spot just in front of the tail, plus five irregular grey or black stripes. These markings tend to fade as the fish grows and may be only faintly visible in adults. Some fish also have small black spots or occasional whitish markings on the body and/or fins. Black Rockcod have large canine teeth in both jaws.

Species similar in appearance

Queensland Groper, Bar Rockcod and the Estuary Cod.

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Watch a YouTube video of Black Rockcod in the Solitary Islands, Coffs Coast, NSW (2:04 mins)