Shut the gate on illegal hunting

Illegal hunting is a scourge on rural communities in NSW and tarnishes the reputation of ethical, responsible hunters.

DPI Hunting works closely with Police to detect and deter illegal hunting in NSW, to the benefit of the community. The Shut the gate on illegal hunting program, in partnership with the NSW Police Force, is part of a larger campaign to shut the gate on rural crime in NSW.

Report illegal hunting

A banner asking people to report illegal hunting when they see it to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Shut the gate gives the community the ability to report illegal hunting and notify agencies of an issue. Use the button above to report incidents directly to DPI Hunting.

You can also call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Signs of illegal hunting

If you see any of the following, it may be a sign of illegal hunting activity in that area:

  • spent cartridges
  • signs with bullet holes
  • dead or injured animals with gunshot or other trauma wounds
  • arrows left in paddocks
  • unusual vehicles or vehicles with their number plates missing or obscured
  • stray hunting dogs, often without a microchip or a collar without identification.

Community awareness and private landholder kits

Primefact 1498: Shut the gate on illegal hunting discusses the program in more detail, including what to look out for and the best information you can provide.

Primefact 1508: Using infrared surveillance cameras gives landholders information on how to purchase and use an infrared surveillance camera to track rural crime on their land.

Signs are placed in State forests around NSW, advertising the program. Private landholders may contact DPI Hunting for a kit containing private property signs, stickers and a range of other useful information to enable prompt reporting of incidents.

If you know a landholder who is affected by illegal hunting, have them get in touch with us. We'll arrange to send them a Shut the gate on illegal hunting landholder kit.

If you would like a sticker for your car, ute, trailer or gun safe, email and we’ll get one to you.