Stay on target – Be an ethical bowhunter

Hunting using archery equipment is an age old pastime which is as old as modern humans. For many cultures archery has been both a critical means of gathering food as well as a way to demonstrate skill and prowess through competition.

Today hunting using archery equipment or bowhunting remains a popular pastime and cultural activity encompassing recreation, food gathering and competition.

The Stay on target – be an ethical bowhunter program is a DPI Hunting initiative in partnership with the NSW Police Force. The program informs and educates bowhunters about hunting regulations and community and industry standards for undertaking ethical bowhunting.

Image of a sticker for the Stay on target - Be an ethical bowhunter program.

Topics include:

  • The 4 cornerstones of being an ethical bowhunter
  • Learn and practice bowhunting techniques
  • Learn and follow the regulations around hunting in NSW
  • Only hunt on lands you have permission to enter
  • Do not target native wildlife - it is illegal
  • Report illegal hunting to the DPI when it occurs
  • Appendix: Permission to hunt log