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Fisheries Overview

The NSW fisheries industry increased by an estimated 1% in 2016-17 to $158 million. A strong gain was estimated in the aquaculture sector, increasing by 6% partially offset by a 2.5% decline in value of the wild caught fisheries sector.

1 % yoy GVP
0.3 % Contribution to
GVP growth
Fish and crustacean species made up 71 % of exports

NSW DPI and Huon commenced a commercial scale trial for farming Yellowtail Kingfish at Providence Bay. The collaboration has the potential to increase the value of aquaculture in NSW by up to 30% to $90m, and ensure future supplies of quality, locally grown sustainable seafood.


NSW is a relatively small exporter of fisheries products, with shipments in 2016-17 totalling $10.9 million, down 11% year-on-year. Fish and crustacean species made up 71% of exports by value. Our major export destinations include Taiwan, Vietnam, New Zealand and Japan.

The NSW trade balance is heavily weighted in favour of imports, with $572 million worth of fisheries products being imported in to NSW in 2016-17. The leading import origins are Thailand and China.

NSW Fisheries Balance of Trade ($m)

Top 5 NSW Fisheries Export Destinations by Value ($m) 2016-17

New Zealand

Download The Publication

Download the full publication which profiles the key drivers and provides statistics across a number of key primary industry sectors. Analysis of key factors for each industry will detail the impact on the GVP performance for each industry.