Plant nutrition tests & pricing

The test list below provides a price guide for commonly requested tests. DPI provides a tailored service with quotes for specialist tests or large volume discounts available by contacting Customer Service.

PlantBase Cost
Plant chloride$35.10
Total Kjeldahl phosphorus$30.80
Total Kjeldahl nitrogen$30.80
Nitrate Nitrogen$30.80
Nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium$70.60
Plant tissue analysis (N, Cl, 20 elements*)$123.90
Plant Cl & ICP*$93.10
1 element in plant*$41.90
2 elements in plant*$46.30
3 elements in plant*$52.60
4 elements in plant*$57.00
5 elements in plant*$61.50
Plant total elements by ICP*$65.90
Plant Total elements by MS**$65.90

Additional Laboratory Service Charges

Outsourced Analysis100% of external lab pricing + postage/freight + additional admin time fee
Postage/Freight Costs Charged at full cost recovery
Urgent Testing: 1 working day100% surcharge added to test cost (Test and workflow dependent)
Express Testing: 2-4 working days50% surcharge added to test cost (workflow dependent)
Express Testing: 5-7 working days25% surcharge added to test cost (workflow dependent)
Additional Sample Handling4$55/hr
Additional Admin Time/Reporting Request5$75/hr
Return of Samples to ClientFreight + additional sample handling fee
Repeat Analysis - Client RequestRepeat test result same as original - client pays full test cost
Repeat test result different to original - no charge to client

4 Additional sample handling fees will be charged if samples take longer than an hour to process at submission due to incorrect labelling, poor sorting or receival of damaged/compromised samples.

5 Additional admin time/reporting request fees will be charged if sample submissions take longer than half an hour to process due to additional client/outsourced analysis follow-up requirements.


Where possible, we work with our clients to negotiate a tailored service. Quotes for specialist or large volume submissions are available upon request.

To request a quote please email Customer Service with the following information:

  • Your contact details
  • Your testing requirements (including number of samples, time frame and any other important information).

For advice on specialised tests or to  obtain a quote please contact Customer Service.

Terms and Conditions

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