Plant nutrition tests & pricing

The test list below provides a price guide for commonly requested tests. DPI provides a tailored service with quotes for specialist tests or large volume discounts available by contacting Customer Service.

PlantBase Cost11-30 Samples>31 Samples
Plant chloride$22.00$19.80$17.60
Total Kjeldahl phosphorus$26.60$23.90$21.30
Total Kjeldahl nitrogen$26.60$23.90$21.30
Nitrate Nitrogen$28.90$26.00$23.10
Nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium$69.30$62.40$55.40
Plant tissue analysis (N, Cl, 20 elements*)$109.80$98.80$87.80
Plant Cl & ICP*$92.50$83.30$74.00
1 element in plant*$34.70$31.20$27.80
2 elements in plant*$41.60$37.40$33.30
3 elements in plant*$48.60$43.70$38.90
4 elements in plant*$55.50$50.00$44.40
5 elements in plant*$62.50$56.30$50.00
Plant total elements by ICP*$69.30$62.40$55.40
Plant Total elements by MS**$69.30$62.40$55.40


Where possible, we work with our clients to negotiate a tailored service. Quotes for specialist or large volume submissions are available upon request.

To request a quote please email Customer Service with the following information:

  • Your contact details
  • Your testing requirements (including number of samples, time frame and any other important information).

For advice on specialised tests or to  obtain a quote please contact Customer Service.

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