Soil and water management practices for blueberry growers in northern NSW

Blueberry bmp cover


These best management practice guidelines have been developed to guide new and existing blueberry growers in northern NSW.

The focus is primarily on natural resource management (NRM) issues in relation to soil and water resources.

This BMP primarily targets blueberry growers on steep lands with highly erodable soils in the northern NSW region where high seasonal rainfall is a regular event.

However, the general principles will apply equally to other horticultural enterprises with similar intensive systems.

Land managers therefore need to consider both the on and off farm effects of their management decisions.

The aim is to provide practical guidelines to help growers and land managers develop whole orchard practices that lead to a stable, productive and sustainable system.

This publication includes information on:

  • Managing run-on water
  • Disturbance of new production areas
  • Direct capture of water within the orchard
  • Groundcovers
  • Irrigation design
  • Moisture monitoring
  • Nutrient runoff management


Published: 01 Dec 2008