QLD mandarin pruning practices videos

Following are four videos that overview the mandarin pruning practices of three mandarin growers for Imperial Mandarin and young Afourer mandarin in the Burnett region of Queensland. An extended version of the Margram pruning demonstration is provided for those seeking more detail.

The videos are presented as an output of the Afourer mandarin best practice canopy management project (CT19002) funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia. Steven Falivene (Citrus Development Officer) is leading the project. The project will develop best practice canopy management techniques that will improve long-term yields and minimise alternate bearing in Afourer mandarins.

The videos are:

  1. QLD mandarin pruning (Afourer mandarin, 7m): Banpan citrus
  2. QLD mandarin pruning (Imperial mandarin, 5m): Ironbark citrus
  3. QLD mandarin pruning (Imperial mandarin, 6m): Margram citrus
  4. QLD mandarin pruning (Imperial mandarin, 15m): Margram citrus extended version

Videos on the Afourer research project pruning methods trials are viewed on the Afourer mandarin best practice pruning videos web page.

An overview of the project is available from the Horticulture Innovation Afourer project description web page.