Fruit fly: Managing Queensland fruit fly in citrus


Queensland fruit fly (Bactrocera tryroni) is a serious pest of most fruit in Queensland and parts of NSW. Queensland fruit fly (QFF) prefers humid conditions but can also survive in the drier urban and irrigated areas in the south and southwestern regions of NSW. It is most prevalent from October to May.

Most citrus varieties can be attacked by QFF but some varieties are more attractive than others, especially Meyer lemon, mandarins and grapefruit. Citrus is not the most favourable host for QFF because of its thick skin and rind oil, which can kill eggs and larvae.

This factsheet covers the following topics:

  • Description and lifecycle
  • Fruit fly ‘stings'
  • Damage to fruit
  • Control of Queensland fruit fly
  • Traps and lures
  • Orchard hygiene


Primefact 752 Third Edition

Published: Mar 2021