Mandarin growing manual


Front cover of the Australian mandarin production manual

An Australian mandarin production manual has been released by NSW DPI that provides a comprehensive guide to production basics and latest research. The manual was put together by Sandra Hardy, Dr Pat Barkley, Dr Michael Treeby (all former NSW DPI), Mal Smith (QLD DAF) and Graeme Sanderson (NSW DPI citrus research officer).

The manual was produced as part of a recently completed Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) citrus development project in Bhutan.

The manual covers all of the main cultural practice and development considerations including:

  • current and new mandarin varieties
  • crop management and variety selection to grow seedless and low-seed fruit
  • rootstocks and compatibility with mandarin varieties
  • planning new mandarin orchards
  • diseases and disorders

For a hard copy of the guide, please contact:
Andrew Creek, 0428 934 952,
Steven Falivene, 0427 208 611,

This document is not fully web accessible, please contact for more information.


Published: Sep 2017