Graham Gregory Award

The prestigious Graham Gregory Award, the top citation acknowledging an individual's outstanding contribution to the NSW wine industry.

Winegrowers, winemakers, and others involved in the wine industry such as researchers, educators, leaders and innovators are encouraged to apply.

Please note, this is a retrospective award recognising outstanding contribution from previous year/s.

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2017 winner

Austin and Stuart are standing looking toward the camera and holding Stuart McGrath-Kerr was awarded the 2017 Graham Gregory (GG) Award for his outstanding contributions to the NSW wine industry.

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Group Director Plant Systems Dr Alison Bowman said Stuart has been involved in the wine and viticulture industry since 1987.

“This award recognises areas such as leadership, research and development, winemaking, education and market development, many of the attributes Stuart has shown since becoming the Executive Officer of the Wine Grapes Marketing Board in 87,” Dr Bowman said.

“Stuart oversaw the Association move from being a regional body, to one that promotes the 14 NSW wine regions focusing on marketing activities such as the development of the “NSW Wine” brand, the NSW Wine Awards and the NSW Wine Regions Auction.

“He has played a role in building the value of NSW wine exports, which has increased nearly 700 percent over the last decade, with NSW home to seven of Australia's top twenty wine exporters,” she said.

Stuart has also been involved in the NSW component of the Australia Regional Wine Grape Utilisation and Pricing Survey, as well as running the Riverina wine show from 1988-2016 and taking on Secretary of the Riverina Winemakers Association from 2000 and played a major role in releasing the Guide to Managing Risks in the NSW Wine Industry in conjunction with Safework NSW

Mr Angus Barnes, Executive Officer NSW Wine Industry Association said Stuart conducted himself always with high integrity and treated the resources of the association with great respect and care.

“We congratulate Stuart on this well-deserved achievement."

The award is presented retrospectively from the contributions to the NSW wine industry in the previous year.

The award is named after former NSW Agriculture Deputy Director General Graham Gregory, who was instrumental in the development of the NSW wine industry.

Past winners

Year Graham Gregory Trophy winner
2017Stuart McGrath-Kerr
2016Dr Richard Sheldrake AM
2015Bruce Tyrell AM
2014 Bill Calabria OAM
2013 Chris Barnes AM
2012 David Lowe
2011 Brian Freeman
2010 R F Hilder
2009 D J (Doug) McWilliam
2008 E G Walhquist
2007 M Flannigan
2006 G R Scollary
2005 P Ryan
2004 R Turkington
2003 J Brayne
2002 I L Riggs
2001 B J McGuigan
2000 P L Shaw
1999 G R Johnston
1998 R H Roberts
1997 L P Evans
1996 K F Helm AM
1995 D A V (Deen) De Bortoli
1994 D R (Don) McWilliam
1993 M D Tyrrell
1992 R I Oatley
1991 G R Gregory