Grapevine management guide 2019-20

Within the Grapevine management guide 2019–20, readers will find contributions on topics such as:

  • Monitoring and maintaining your drip irrigation system
  • Developing heatwave management strategies through grapevine phytomonitoring
  • Griffith Research Station LoRaWAN demonstration
  • Decompressing your vintage
  • Hail and severe storms
  • Grapevine biosecurity: a how to guide
  • Disease-resistant grapevine cultivars in the Riverina
  • Integrated pest management in vineyards
  • European wasp pilot control program
  • Deterring birds from vineyards
  • Alternative weed control measures for vineyards
  • VineWatch
  • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy: measuring grapevine nutrient status

The latest research being conducted at the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre (NWGIC) is outlined by new centre director, Leigh Schmidtke, with several scientists from the centre providing papers and updates on trunk disease, impacts of herbicide drift and potassium nutrition.

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