Preventing pests and diseases in the greenhouse

'Keep it CLEAN' guide

See 'Keep it CLEAN - Reducing costs and losses in the management of pests and diseases in the greenhouse'.


Factsheets are also available which describe some of the key practices:

Other tools

A number of other tools have also been created to help growers implement preventative management practices. These are all described in the Keep it CLEAN guide, and they are available for download below.


Preventing pests and diseases - Farm management review is a 19 page booklet that provides an easy-to-follow process of listing the key pest and disease problems, assessing the risk of different pests and diseases, identifying the sources of pests and diseases around the farm, conducting a preventative practices review and developing action plans to implement beneficial management practices.

Download the booklet:


A number of charts are also available to make record keeping easier and faster.

Download the charts:

The development of these materials was assisted by Horticulture Australia Ltd, through the national vegetable levy. The project leader was Jeremy Badgery-Parker.