Fruit spotting bugs


Fruitspotting bugs (FSB) are native to Australia. They live in rainforest regions from 30° latitude and north.

FSB feed on the fruit, flowers and very young shoots of fruiting plants.

Many horticultural crops and garden plants attract FSB, and FSB readily move from their core native habitat.

FSB are a major impediment to the commercial production of most tree fruits and nuts, and some vine fruits.

Crops are affected in the coastal and sub-coastal areas of Queensland, northern NSW, the Northern Territory and north-western Western Australia.

Growers have recorded crop losses of well over 50% due to FSB damage.

FSB attack at least 22 different types of commercial fruits and nuts.

Economic losses from FSB could amount to tens of millions of dollars each year in the Australian fruit and nut industries.

Topics include:

  • How to be FSB ready
  • What does crop damage look like?
  • What are the fruitspotting bugs?
  • Monitoring FSB
  • Controlling FSB
  • Crop-specific FSB management – macadamias
  • Crop-specific FSB management – avocados


First Edition

Published: Oct 2016