Macadamia lace bug management and control


Macadamia lace bugs (Ulonemia spp.) are native to northern NSW and Atherton, Queensland.

Macadamia species and other similar Proteaceae plants are their native host. There are at least four macadamia lace bug (MLB) species, with Ulonemia decoris, which is the most damaging, found in NSW. Once established, MLB populations can increase rapidly and become self-sustaining.

This Primefact includes:

    • Pest identification
    • Macadamia lace bug life cycle
    • Incidences of macadamia lace bug
    • Risk period
    • Damage
    • Managing macadamia lace bug
      • Cultural practices
      • Biological practices
      • Chemical practices
    • Research to improve lace bug control


Primefact 1661 Third Edition

Published: Jul 2020