Pest and disease analysis in hazelnuts


Hazelnuts are an emerging crop in Australia, and as commercial plantings come on line it will be important for growers to have an understanding of threats to production. Current Australian production is small and is estimated at less than 50 tonnes.

Insect pests, diseases, exotic and domestic animal damage can be major constraints to production. In some parts of the world, losses due to insect and mite pests have been estimated to be as high as 20%.

In Australia it is difficult to estimate what losses occur due to pest and disease problems but it has been widely accepted that we do not have many of the key pests that affect overseas production. This may be due to geographical isolation, vigilant quarantine restrictions or other cultural and environmental influences.

This publication compiles and documents a list of current and potential pests and diseases which could impact on hazelnut production in Australia. It combines current knowledge on pests and diseases, highlights exotic threats that could potentially impact on the Australian industry, and offers potential strategies for management.

Reviewed: May 2011


Published: 01 Jul 2006