Managing bird damage to fruit and other horticultural crops

Cover - Managing bird damage in fruit and other horticultural crops


Bird damage is a significant problem in Australia with total damage to horticultural production estimated at nearly $300 million annually.

Over 60 bird species are known to damage horticultural crops. These species possess marked differences in feeding strategies and movement patterns which influence the nature, timing and severity of the damage they cause.

Reducing bird damage is difficult because of the unpredictability of damage from year to year and a lack of information about the cost-effectiveness of commonly used management practices.

Growers therefore need information on how to better predict patterns of bird movement and abundance, and simple techniques to estimate the extent of damage to guide future management investment.

This book promotes the adoption of a more strategic approach to bird management including use of better techniques to reduce damage and increased cooperation between neighbours.

Whilst the focus of this review is pest bird impacts on horticulture, most of the issues are of relevance to pest bird management in general.

The publication is available for download below. It is available as a full version or indivudual sections.


Published: 2007