Origin Kidd’s Orange Red × Golden Delicious, raised by J. H. Kidd, Greytown, Wairarapa, New Zealand, about 1934.
Tree Moderate vigour, upright, fairly spreading, spurs freely.
Disease status Susceptible to scab, mildew and fireblight.
Chilling requirement Medium, 600 hours; red strains similar.
Blossom and pollination Mid season.
Golden Delicious, Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonathan, Fuji; red strains flower at same time but do not cross-pollinate each other.
Fruit shape Tall conical, size can be small; needs care with thinning.
Skin and flesh Solid orange-red on 50% of surface.
Creamy flesh, firm, crisp, sweet and juicy with flavour, excellent texture and eating quality.
Harvest and yield About a week before Jonathan, third to fourth week February.
Regular bearer.
Storage Keeps quite well; no bitter pit, scald or breakdown.


Royal Gala

Red strains

Imperial Gala - Sport, New Zealand. Patented by Flemings. Outstanding bright red with significant stripe;yellow to creamy flesh, finely textured, firm crisp, juicy; excellent flavour.

Regal Gala - Sport, W. Fulford, Hastings, New Zealand. Patented by Flemings. 80–90% solid red;creamy white flesh, crisp and juicy, flavour good; not as distinctive as other striped Galas.

Royal Gala - Sport of Tenroy, Greyton, New Zealand. Patented by ANFIC. Medium round,bright red stripe overall, very attractive; creamy, fine-textured flesh, crisp, sweet and juicy.

Galaxy - Sport from Royal Gala, appears to be more stable. Patented by ANFIC. Medium round, bright red with distinctive green-yellow stripe; darker than Royal and supposed to have very little reversion; creamy, fine-textured flesh, crisp, sweet and juicy.

This information forms part of Agfact H4.1.12 Apple varieties.