Cabbage growing


Cabbages belong to the Cruciferae family and are related to turnips, cauliflowers and brussels sprouts. The origin of the cabbage is rather obscure as it is one of the oldest vegetables grown, being well known by the ancient Greeks. Cabbages are easily grown under a wide variety of conditions and are adaptable to most areas in NSW. Although cool moist weather results in the best quality heads, some varieties produce acceptable heads during warmer seasons. Therefore, cabbages can be grown continuously in some districts. In cooler areas, such as the tablelands, production is limited by winter.

The contents of this Primefact include:

  • Establishment - soil types, varieties
  • Districts
  • Cell-grown transplants
  • Direct sowing
  • Cultural practices
  • Pest and disease control
  • Quality control
  • Harvesting and marketing


Primefact 90 First Edition

Published: Oct 2020