Fertilisers for pastures


Fertilisers for Pastures is a guide to help landholders make better fertiliser decisions. The information targets the higher rainfall areas of eastern NSW, grazing mostly beef cattle, dairy cattle and horses.

The pastures in this region are generally rainfed, with some properties using supplementary irrigation.

The booklet allows the reader to interpret soil test results. Recommendations on fertiliser use are made and nutrient interaction and environmental impacts are covered. There is extensive reference to animal health and nutrition.

The booklet covers areas such as:

  • Diagnosing nutrient disorders
  • Acidity, salinity and sodicity
  • Major nutrients
  • Trace minerals
  • Animal health
  • Nutrient budgets
  • Using organic material as fertilisers

The booklet can be downloaded in full or in parts.


First Edition

Published: Jun 2005