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AIRG assure high quality rhizobia inoculant products

Commercial rhizobia inoculants offer notable yield benefits due to their proven ability to fix and provide free Nitrogen (N) to crops and pastures. When farmers purchase a product with the Green Tick endorsement, they can trust its quality and effectiveness. This assurance comes from the rigorous and independent testing of the Australian Inoculants Research Group (AIRG).

Products with AIRG’s Green Tick are guaranteed to contain the correct strain and minimum number of viable root-nodule micro-organisms (rhizobia) as indicated on the label, at the point of manufacture. In Australia, a singular elite strain of rhizobia is used for each host plant group. Strains in Green Tick endorsed products have undergone a robust evidence-based selection process by the National Rhizobium Steering Committee (NRSC, a national panel of experts) and the AIRG. Manufacturers with the Green Tick must provide clear instructions regarding storage, handling and usage so that rhizobia remain viable along the supply chain. This ensures that products perform optimally in the field, making the investment worthwhile for consumers.

The National Code of Practice for Legume Microbial Inoculant Products sets the benchmark criteria and independent testing standards for assessing these products in Australia. Inoculant manufacturers who are signatories to the Code, and who’s high-quality products meet the criteria of the Code, are permitted to use the Green Tick on their products. The AIRG oversees this Code and collaborates with the National Rhizobium Steering Committee when updates to the Code are necessary, ensuring it remains relevant for future innovations in rhizobia strains and products.

The Green Tick Program stands as a mark of quality, assuring users they have the best product for Australian conditions.

AIRG assure high quality rhizobia inoculant products

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