Our Research and Development

NSW DPI’s Soil R&D develops, assesses and promotes technologies and management systems that improve soil productivity whilst enhancing its quality and protecting it from degradation.

Our R&D is industry-focused and collaborative, spanning the fundamental to the applied. Our partnerships with a range of stakeholders ensures our technical expertise and R&D findings directly contribute to improvements in on-ground management practices.

Our key R and D themes are:

  • Soil carbon sequestration and GHG emissions
  • Nutrient management and biological nitrogen fixation
  • Soil physical and chemical constraints
  • Soil quality and ecosystem services
  • Contaminants in soil and agriculture
  • Sustainable management of water in agricultural landscapes
  • Water productivity in irrigated and rainfed systems
  • Design and efficiency of irrigated agricultural systems
  • Water balance in agricultural systems

We have state of the art laboratories and controlled environment facilities as well as unique long-term field and trial sites, across a range of soils, agroecological and climatic zones

Our projects

Detection of off-target herbicide deposition​

Development & validation of soil ameliorants

Improving wheat yield on sodic soils

Increasing the effectiveness of Nitrogen fixation in pulses through improved rhizobial strains in the GRDC Northern region

Innovative crop weed control

Minimising yield variability to maximise the yield in cotton farming systems

More Profit from Nitrogen (MPfN)

Multiparty process subsoil app

Not enough Nodules

Nutrient response curves – updated

contact Ehsan Tavakkoli

Quantifying the potential risk of pesticides used on cotton farms

Rangelands Living Skin

Selecting for C

Soil CRC projects

  • Measuring soil microbes 2.1.008
  • New products for subsoil constraints. 3.3.002
  • New amendments for improving soil structure 3.3.005
  • Improved management of herbicide residues in soil
  • Addressing complex soil constraints 4.2.002
  • Addressing hostile calcareous soil. 4.2.003
  • Integrated solutions of accessing soil moisture 4.2.004

Other projects we participate in

  • Boosting profit and reducing risk on mixed farms in low and medium rainfall areas with newly discovered pasture legumes
  • Economics of ameliorating soil: Project D contact Luke Beange
  • FutureSOILS:  Predicting and managing soil acidification in current farming systems
  • Improving the representation of soil productivity/constraints in existing decision support systems and modelling platforms
  • Mechanistic understanding of the mode of action of novel soil reengineering methods for complex chemical and physical constraints
  • Surveying farm practices - Soil CRC project 1.2.004