About Clean Coastal Catchments

The NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy (2018-2028) has identified agricultural diffuse source pollution (including nutrients and sediment) as a priority threat to water quality in our Marine Estate which covers the NSW coastline, estuaries and marine waters.

The Clean Coastal Catchments project is funded through the Marine Estate Management Strategy to reduce nutrient and sediment run off from intensive agricultural industries.

Our team is working with growers, peak industry bodies, and other key industry players to refine and promote best management practices (BMPs) for nutrients, water, and sediment in NSW coastal agriculture.

The development and adoption of BMPs can assist in making agricultural industries more productive and profitable, while reducing their impact on coastal water quality and habitat.

Our objectives

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is leading the Clean Coastal Catchments project to address the priority threat of agricultural diffuse source pollution by:

  • understanding current drivers for on‐farm fertiliser decisions and developing a pathway for change to improve fertiliser management for intensive coastal agriculture

  • demonstrating the benefits of identified best management practices for fertiliser management
  • increasing the awareness and capacity of growers in intensive agricultural systems to respond to pollution risks by better managing nutrient and sediment runoff

What are we doing?

The Clean Coastal Catchments project team is:

  • working with growers to identify the key farm practices which will improve management of fertiliser and reduce losses from farms

  • conducting applied research trials to establish locally applicable BMPs around water, sediment and nutrient management

  • using monitoring sites to identify key water, sediment and nutrient loss pathways

  • using demonstration sites to showcase Best Management Practice and drive industry adoption

  • working with peak industry bodies to educate and empower growers to more effectively manage run off, as well as water and nutrient use efficiency


This project will help farmers in intensive coastal agricultural industries to:

  • better manage nutrient inputs and runoff to become more productive and profitable

  • reduce their impact on water quality and other marine estate values

  • improve the long term economic and environmental sustainability of intensive agricultural systems in coastal NSW

  • increase export market access and social licence to operate through improved land and water stewardship

Better management of fertiliser and water on farm will assist industry to be more productive, profitable and environmentally sustainable, while reducing negative impacts on creeks, rivers and sensitive marine areas.

Project partners

The Clean Coastal Catchments project is a NSW Government Initiative funded by the NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy.

The project is being implemented by a cross disciplinary team within NSW DPI Agriculture, in partnership with DPI Fisheries, Local Land Services and other external partners.


Email the CCC project team at: ccc.info@dpi.nsw.gov.au

or contact:

David Mitchell - Project Leader, NSW DPI.  Email: david.mitchell@dpi.nsw.gov.au

David Cordina - Project Manager, NSW DPI.  Email: david.cordina@dpi.nsw.gov.au