Useful Resources

CCC Insights

Expert insights and articles on best practice fertiliser management and the science of crop nutrition from the Clean Coastal Catchments Research team and colleagues.

Primefact: Water Use Efficiency in Blueberries

This Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) Primefact covers pre-season planning and irrigation system checks, techniques for reducing moisture loss, water quality testing, and soil and substrate moisture monitoring.

Macadamia Integrated Orchard Management guides

The DPIRD Macadamia integrated orchard management practice guide focuses on the principles of Integrated Orchard Management (IOM). The IOM guide provides a framework for maintaining high-productivity orchards and the recovery of orchards in decline.

This updated guide is a companion to the Macadamia integrated orchard management case studies.

Soils: fertilisers, amendments and testing

The DPIRD Soils page offers an extensive list of useful links regarding Fertilisers, Amendments and Soil testing.

Fertcare resources

Fertcare® is a national training and accreditation program over seen by Fertilizer Australia, the industry association representing manufacturers, importers and distributors of fertiliser in Australia, and associated service industries.

The Fertcare program is designed to raise industry skills and knowledge in the management of fertilisers and soil ameliorants.

A range of helpful resources can be accessed from the Fertcare website including:


The Fert$mart program has been developed by Dairy Australia to improve soil health and help farmers make more informed and cost effective decisions about fertiliser management.

Fert$mart provides a standardised approach to preparing, implementing and monitoring nutrient plans that match nutrient application to pasture and crop requirements. The program is underpinned by the Fertcare Accredited Advisor training program, responsible for certification of nutrient advisors in the standards expected when offering dairy specific nutrient advice.

Dairy Australia Soils and Fertiliser Manual

The Dairy Australia Dairy Soils and Fertiliser Manual ­provides farmers and advisors with a logical planning approach and technical advice to make profitable and environmentally responsible fertiliser management decisions.

Dairy resources

The DPIRD Dairy page contains a wide range of information for dairy producers including advice on nutrition, pastures and grazing management.

Horticulture - Protected Cropping

The DPIRD Protected Cropping page contains a wide range of information on issues such as hydroponics, planning, and technology, including: