Fertiliser Stewardship and Sediment Management

The Clean Coastal Catchments (CCC) project is working with growers and the fertiliser supply chain to improve nutrient and sediment management practices in coastal agricultural while supporting profitable and sustainable production.

The CCC Fertiliser Stewardship Group was established in 2018 in a partnership between the NSW Department of Primary Industries Clean Coastal Catchments (CCC) project and Fertcare® to create an industry forum for growers, advisers, and consultants, as well as fertiliser resellers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Our aim is to bring together an industry network to identify risks to water quality in creeks and rivers that lead into the Marine Estate, as well as to identify knowledge gaps that need to be addressed by research.

For more information email: ccc.info@dpi.nsw.gov.au

CCC Fertiliser & Sediment Management Insights

Expert insights and articles on best practice fertiliser and erosion management and the science of crop nutrition.

CCC Webinar Series

The Clean Coastal Catchments project hosts regular webinars focusing on best practice fertiliser stewardship & erosion management in coastal horticulture, particularly in the macadamia, blueberry, and protected cropping sectors. Register for the next webinar online or view past recordings.

CCC Newsletter

The CCC newsletter provides information and updates about the Clean Coastal catchments project and also on issues related to best practice fertiliser stewardship and sediment management.

Tony Bennett, Mark Duncan and Phil McCarthy at a Fertliser Stewardship Group workshop held in Ballina November 2019