Getting water and fertiliser applications just right with Groscale technology

Click on the link below to view the Webinar recording from Friday 26 August 2022:

Webinar Recording

berries in black pots growing in rows with irrigation hoses

This Clean Coastal Catchments (CCC) webinar features Alastair McLean, Groscale expert and Commercial Director with Powerplants Australia. Alastair is working with more than thirty berry and cucumber farmers in the Coffs Harbour region who are using Groscale technology to supply their crops with exactly the right amount of nutrients and water for optimal growth.

With a background in electronic engineering, Alastair develops and installs specialised greenhouse products to maximise profitable and sustainable greenhouse production.

During this webinar, Alastair describes how using a Groscale system to control irrigation scheduling has reduced fertiliser and water waste, and streamlined irrigation management for growers like berry producer, Parvinder Lalli.

“Before we put in the Groscales, we had so many drain stations and we would run around like headless chickens checking them all every morning and through the day,” said Parvinder.

“If we miscalculated, we would over water, resulting in fungal diseases, or even worse, under watering would result in lost fruit.”

“When the system was installed, I was blown away that we could see the weight increasing on the graph during each irrigation … if something is wrong, I know about it straight away rather than finding out about it when it is already too late.”

Read more about Parvinder's experience with Groscale technology on the Powerplants website.

Alastair McLean has also collaborated with CCC research partner and berry farmer, Aman Lehl. Alastair is currently assisting Aman to fine tune his disinfection system and overcome problems caused by cloudy water following heavy rainfall.

Two men smiling standing in front of technology displayAccording to Alastair McLean, using a Groscale to measure precisely when irrigation is required in real time, means less stress, less waste, and more profit for growers, as well as more time to spend on other tasks.

"Growers are facing more pressure from rising input costs, scarcity of labour and increasingly variable and extreme conditions," said Alastair.

“On the upside, technology is developing at an unprecedented rate, providing growers with better opportunities to tackle these challenges.”

“Openly sharing knowledge enables progress which is why the Clean Costal Catchments program is so important.”

The CCC project is funded through the NSW Government’s Marine Estate Management Strategy to keep sediment and nutrients on farm and out of coastal waterways, while supporting profitable and sustainable agriculture.