Primary schools

Agriculture careers for primary school

  • People in primary industries
    Some fun ways to make the most of a set of our mini-figure character careers cards.
  • A set of careers cards featuring Lego minifigure characters that introduce primary age children to the range of agriculture careers across the supply chain. Produced in collaboration with Little Brick Pastoral.

Teaching resources

  • Dairy education for primary schools
    Five K-6 units of work focusing on Science and Technology at the dairy industry at John and Elizabeth Macarthur's Camden property.
  • Investigate
    An investigation for Stage 3 students using features of our natural environment to deliver cross-curriculum outcomes. Units of work available on fire ants, aphids, bees and soils.
  • On the Pulse education kit
    A comprehensive set of resources to guide the incorporation of hands-on, engaging activities across the curriculum using pulses.
  • Tocal Virtual Farm
    A fully resourced virtual investigation of Tocal College, with maps, production data and teaching resources.fully resourced virtual investigation of Tocal College, with maps, production data and teaching resources.
  • Multimedia resources
    View our range of videos and accompanying teacher guides and don't forget to check out the DPI Schools program Youtube channel.
  • Bee amazing
    In this maze students guide bees safely to their hive avoiding harmful objects and flying past the resources they need.
  • Infants agricultural vocabulary loop cards
    A fun game to help students learn the vocabulary of agriculture. A quick whole-class activity.
  • Primary agriculture loop cards
    A fun whole-class game to help students recall agriculture facts.
  • Tocal farm picture books
    The Tocal farm picture books are written to share information about Australian agriculture with young children and students.
  • NSW Shark Management Strategy workbooks
    The NSW Shark Management Strategy (SMS) is a great real-world example of working scientifically to design and produce solutions.