Primary schools

Agriculture careers for primary school

  • People in primary industries
    Some fun ways to make the most of a set of our mini-figure character careers cards.
  • A set of careers cards featuring Lego minifigure characters that introduce primary age children to the range of agriculture careers across the supply chain. Produced in collaboration with Little Brick Pastoral.
  • Explore our Careers in Primary Industries page to find all our careers resources.

Teaching resources

  • Dairy education for primary schools
    Five K-6 units of work focusing on Science and Technology at the dairy industry at John and Elizabeth Macarthur's Camden property.
  • Investigate
    An investigation for Stage 3 students using features of our natural environment to deliver cross-curriculum outcomes. Units of work available on fire ants, aphids, bees and soils.
  • On the Pulse education kit
    A comprehensive set of resources to guide the incorporation of hands-on, engaging activities across the curriculum using pulses.
  • Tocal Virtual Farm
    A fully resourced virtual investigation of Tocal College, with maps, production data and teaching resources.fully resourced virtual investigation of Tocal College, with maps, production data and teaching resources.
  • Multimedia resources
    View our range of videos and accompanying teacher guides and don't forget to check out the Schools program Youtube channel.
  • Bee amazing
    In this maze students guide bees safely to their hive avoiding harmful objects and flying past the resources they need.
  • Infants agricultural vocabulary loop cards
    A fun game to help students learn the vocabulary of agriculture. A quick whole-class activity.
  • Primary agriculture loop cards
    A fun whole-class game to help students recall agriculture facts.
  • Tocal farm picture books
    The Tocal farm picture books are written to share information about Australian agriculture with young children and students.
  • NSW Shark Management Strategy workbooks
    The NSW Shark Management Strategy (SMS) is a great real-world example of working scientifically to design and produce solutions.
  • Biosecurity warrior resources
    Follow the link for a range of Biosecurity warrior resources for K-6 learners, including workbooks, animations, and videos
  • AgPatch: growing literacy
    Help students (ES1-3) to understand growing food from the ground up with this set of resources. Includes a set of posters, workbooks and teacher guide.