Secondary schools

Careers in primary industries

The range of careers available in food and fibre industries are endless. Explore our Careers in primary industries for all our careers resources including YouTube playlists, staff case studies, VET studies at Tocal College and more.

Teaching resources

  • Agri-food, fibre and fuel technologies 
    Aligned to the NSW Stage 6 Agriculture elective, these documents include a workbook and answer guide.
  • Australian Aboriginal agricultural production
  • Beef cattle and meat sheep junior judging guide
    This support document has been developed to guide students to prepare to judge meat sheep and beef cattle in junior judging competitions at shows. It also gives tips on oral presentation formulation and delivery.
  • Biosecurity in the citrus and grains industries
    Packages of resources investigating the importance of plant biosecurity in the context of integrated pest management for the citrus and grains industries. The links between agriculture and the role of pest insects are explored and students gain an insight into the taxonomy and classification of organisms. Activities include insect surveillance, constructing food webs, insect identification and classification.
  • The Yabby Unit
    Aligned to the NSW Technology Mandatory syllabus, these resources investigate Australian freshwater crayfish production. The unit includes two major aquaponics design options.
  • The Australian Hamburger Unit
    Aligned to the NSW Technology Mandatory syllabus, these resources investigate the main Australian agriculture industry sectors: wheat, beef, dairy, sheep, pork, poultry and horticulture; from the paddock to the plate.
  • Experimental design
    This support document for teachers and senior students is aligned to the Stage 6 Agriculture syllabus. A selection of DPI documentary investigations are also provided.
  • Farming for the 21st Century
    Aligned to the NSW Stage 6 Agriculture elective: Farming for the 21st Century and can be used as a teaching resource or as a study guide for senior students.
  • Study aids and resources 
    A range of resources for Secondary study including HSC revision using game based learning resources such as Kahoot.
  • Tocal Virtual Farm
    A fully resourced virtual investigation of Tocal farms with maps, production data, workbook books and answer guides for Stage 4 Technology Mandatory and Stage 6 Farm case study.
  • Multimedia resources
    View our range of videos and accompanying teacher guides and don't forget to check out the DPI Schools program Youtube channel.
  • What's wrong with my crop? flowchart (PDF, 546.32 KB)
    This flowchart can be used to identify some common problems caused in a crop by an insect pest, a disease or a nutritional disorder.
  • NSW Shark Management Strategy
    Share the NSW Shark Management Strategy (SMS) with students studying Marine Science and Technologies.
  • Dairy production in NSW
    These resources investigate NSW Dairy production. Resources include classroom poster, digital workbooks and answer guides.
  • Farms of the future digital resources
    A range of digital resources, including a 3-part webinar series, VR virtual farm tours, interactive maps of sites and live data from sensors showing Agrotechnology being used at three commercial farms.
  • AgPatch: growing literacy
    Helps stage 4 students to understand growing food from the ground up with this set of resources. Includes a set of posters, workbooks and teacher guide.