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  • Biosecurity in our backyard 
    Costa Georgiadis talks about how to tell the difference between Biosecurity Goodies & Baddies and meets Biosecurity Warriors who have exciting and interesting jobs using science, technology, research – even dogs – to stop diseases that make our people, our crops, our native animals and insects sick. Come on our biosecurity journey and learn about bees, insects, chooks, pets and how we can all be Biosecurity Warriors by looking after our own backyards.
  • Biosecurity warrior animations
    Be a Biosecurity Warrior and defend against food bacteria, weeds and bugs in your own backyard.


  • Biosecurity videos and teacher guides
    This series of videos examines the role that NSW DPI plays in ensuring safe and productive primary industries. The videos are most suited to upper primary and high school students. We recommend that teachers watch these videos before showing them to students to assess their suitability. The teacher guide includes a short synopsis, NSW syllabus links, a glossary and a transcript of the video.
  • Biosecurity in our backyard
    With easy access into Australia via travel, imports and even online shopping, we talk about about current biosecurity pest and disease incursions affecting Australia and also the threats that are being prepared for. Costa Georgiadis interviews some of the people working in NSW DPI Biosecurity who are protecting New South Wales $15 billion dollar primary industry sector, highlighting the important and varied range of careers in biosecurity.
  • Sentinel herd sampling at Tocal
    In this video District Veterinarian Digby Rayward explains why and how he collects samples for the National Arbovirus Monitoring Program from the dairy herd at Tocal. The video includes images of blood being collected from cows while they are held in a crush.


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Tocal Farms