Apply for funds

Who can apply?

To be eligible applicants must be:

  1. An Aboriginal person, or
  2. An Aboriginal entity, which includes a family/clan or community organisation, or an Aboriginal owned and run business, or
  3. Someone acting on behalf of an Aboriginal entity.

Types of projects to be funded?

The AFTF is looking to fund a wide range of projects including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Cultural fishing workshops
  • Cultural fishing access
  • Signage covering local cultural fishing connection
  • Stocking of culturally significant fish species
  • Fish habitat / invasive species management
  • Business administration and technical training
  • Broader capacity building
  • Commercial fishing operations
  • Aquaculture ventures
  • Charter fishing, cultural tourism or the post-harvest sector investment
  • Research into cultural harvest or impacts on cultural fishing/resources

General Instructions

There are different funding options to choose from when applying for funding:

  1. Small Projects – seeking less than $5,000 of funding
  2. Large Projects – seeking up to $500,000 of funding
  3. Low or zero interest Loans

Please note that upper funding limits are subject to available funds, and application for funds is competitive.

Upon review of an application, a recommendation for an alternative funding type to the one selected by the applicant may be made for the project, which will be further discussed with the applicant.

Application forms can be downloaded electronically below.

Funding Guidelines

It is recommended applicants read the funding guidelines for more information on preparing Trust applications before completing an application form:

Templates and Fact Sheets

The following templates and fact sheets may assist with your application:

How to apply

Applications can be made by completing the appropriate funding application form and forwarding it to the Aboriginal Fishing Trust Fund management team:



LMB 3020

Note:  Email is the preferred method of receiving application forms. If you email your application, there is no need to send a hard copy by mail. Submitted applications will be acknowledged upon being received.

When can applications be submitted?

The 2022/23 funding round is currently CLOSED.

Future funding rounds will be advised on the DPI website, as well as through various community organisations and networks and media.

Who can assist you?

For assistance with completing your application and to ensure applications are consistent with priorities for funding contact the Aboriginal Fishing Trust Fund management team on (02) 4424 7421 or email