Licensing & forms

NSW Commercial Fisheries Administration Guide (PDF, 1868.46 KB)

Commercial Fishing Licence & Fishing Boat Licence renewals

Online Renewal Process

FisherDirect account holders have the option to renew their licences online. Online account holders will see their licence renewals as pending transactions on the home screen, and can simply follow links to complete transactions.

Fishers choosing to renew their licences entirely online, including payment, have the benefit of immediate renewal.  Plastic licence cards will be issued once renewal is completed, unless digital authorities are held. Digital authority holders have immediate access to their renewed commercial fishing licence via the FisherMobile app.

If you want to renew online you can apply for a FisherDirect account by downloading the form from the FishOnline website.

For information about digital authorities, visit the FishOnline website.

Payment by instalment

The ability to pay for licences by instalments is not available going forward due to the introduction of the online renewal process.  All licence renewal fees must be paid in full at the time of renewal.

Issue of new Commercial Fishing Licences and Fishing Boat Licences

Applications received during the renewal period (May-June), will be issued for a 13-14 month period.  These licences will be charged the pro rata fee from May-June in addition to the annual renewal fee.   All licences will expire 30 June 2019.

Fishing Boat Licences

New boat licensing arrangements are in effect from 1 July 2018. To assist fishers through this transition, renewal fees for fishing boat licenses have been waived for the period 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019. For more information on the changes see the New boat licensing arrangements fact sheet (PDF, 49.1 KB).

Management Fees

Management fees for 2018/19 will be calculated on shareholdings as at 2 July 2018 at 4.00pm. Payment by instalment will be available for management fees this year.

Application Fees

Before submitting an application form, please refer to the "Schedule of Commercial Fishing Fees and Charges" (see below) to determine the appropriate application fee. Note that the costs of specific licensing and quota management services are recovered through transaction fees. The fees are adjusted annually in line with the Consumer Price index (CPI).

Transfer of a Fishing Business or Components of a Fishing Business (e.g. Shares)

Persons wishing to transfer and/or acquire fishing businesses, shares or components of a fishing business should complete the form titled "Application for Approval of Transfer of Components of a Fishing Business" Applicants should be aware that there are specific rules relating to the transfer of shares, endorsements and components of fishing businesses. Applicants should ensure they are familiar with these transfer rules prior to submitting an application. The rules are detailed under Part 6 Fisheries Management (General) Regulation 2010.

For any other queries regarding these rules please contact DPI on 1300 720 662 or seek your own independent legal advice.

If your application relates to a deceased estate, please contact NSW DPI on the above number prior to submitting your application as additional information may be required.

Important Notice: Please be advised that you should not make any financial commitments in relation to the trading of shares or other fishing business components until the application has been approved by NSW DPI and you have been formally notified of the approval. Any stamp duty paid prior to the application being submitted may be refunded by the Office of State Revenue if the transfer is not completed.

Proposed transferees and transferors should also note that significant reforms are underway in respect of five share management fisheries (excluding abalone and lobster) which may change the access arrangements that arise from shareholdings and affect the way that fishing businesses are used in the future.

You are encouraged to review the information surrounding the reform program at the following webpage:

For further information on the rules applying to a fishery refer to the DPI commercial fishing webpages at:

You should also consider any legislative requirements under other Acts administered by other state and federal agencies (refer to relevant legislation at

Application forms

To access a form, simply click on the link below and print. The form can then be completed and submitted by mailing to:

Fisheries Business Services
LMB 3020

Title Details
Application Form - Approved Premises
PDF, 70.5 KB
Form 1: Application for issue of a Fishing Boat Licence
PDF, 249.5 KB
Form 2: Application for a Commercial Fishing Licence
PDF, 45.1 KB
Form 3: Application to change Boat Identifying particulars on a Fishing Boat licence
PDF, 158.5 KB
Form 4: Application to Nominate and Revoke Nominations
PDF, 114.0 KB
Form 5: Application for Transfer of a Fishing Boat Licence
PDF, 257.8 KB
Form 6: Application to Revoke Nomination
PDF, 67.5 KB
Form 7: Application for Replacement Fishing Authority
PDF, 42.3 KB
Form 8: Application for Approval of Transfer of Components of a Fishing Business
PDF, 525.8 KB
Form 10: Application to Register, Release or Discharge a Mortgage/Interest over Shares
PDF, 47.5 KB
Form 11: Application to cancel or suspend a fishing boat licence
PDF, 83.9 KB
Form 12 - Nomination of boat for Ocean Trawl Prawning effort quota incl ....pdf
PDF, 222.0 KB
Form 15: Application for Transfer of Quota
PDF, 54.5 KB
Form 22: Marine vegetation collection for commercial purposes permit application
PDF, 80.0 KB
Form 24: Taking fish for Aboriginal cultural or ceremonial use permit application
PDF, 79.7 KB
Form CB2: Application to transfer a NSW Charter Fishing Boat Licence
PDF, 62.5 KB
Form CB4: Application for Boat Replacement for a Licensed Charter Fishing Boat
PDF, 44.3 KB

Additional information

Title Details
NSW Commercial Fisheries Administration Guide
PDF, 1.8 MB
Policy Number TI-O-130: Debt management - Commercial fisheries quota transfer restrictions
Commercial Fisheries Threatened and Protected Species Interaction Reporting Form
PDF, 70.8 KB
Additional endorsement/licence conditions register
PDF, 61.1 KB
Schedule of Commercial Fishing Fees and Charges
PDF, 42.9 KB
Marine vegetation collection for commercial purposes permit application - Information kit
PDF, 50.3 KB

Share Management Plans and other Legislation

Title Details
Fisheries Management Act 1994
Fisheries Management (General) Regulation 2010
Fisheries Management (Supporting Plan) Regulation 2006
Fisheries Management (Ocean Trawl Share Management Plan) Regulation 2006
Fisheries Management (Ocean Trap and Line Share Management Plan) Regulation 2006
Fisheries Management (Estuary General Share Management Plan) Regulation 2006
Fisheries Management (Estuary Prawn Trawl Share Management Plan) Regulation 2006
Fisheries Management (Ocean Haul Share Management Plan) Regulation 2006
Fisheries Management (Lobster Share Management Plan) Regulation 2000
Fisheries Management (Abalone Share Management Plan) Regulation 2000