Primefact: Silver Perch


Silver perch, also known as bidyan or black or silver bream, are a moderate to large freshwater fish native to the Murray-Darling river system.

They were once widespread and abundant throughout most of this area, except for cooler high altitude streams.

However, they have now declined to low numbers or disappeared from most of their former range.

Silver perch are listed as a vulnerable species in NSW. There are heavy penalties for harming, possessing, buying or selling them, or for harming their habitat.

While it is prohibited to take silver perch from rivers or streams in the Murray-Darling Basin, it is still legal for anglers who comply with the recreational fishing rules to catch and keep silver perch from some stocked impoundments and private dams.

Harvesting silver perch from fish farms is also permitted.

The contents of this Primefact include:

  • Description
  • Habitat and ecology
  • Why are silver perch threatened?
  • Conservation and recovery actions
  • Legal implications
  • Bibliography and further reading
  • Contact details for further information


Primefact 8 Third Edition

Published: Jun 2017