Forest contractor training and certification scheme

The NSW Government is committed to improving community acceptance of the forestry industry as a sustainable and renewable industry.

In May 2018, the NSW Government announced $4.6 million over four years to support training and certification, to improve the environmental performance of forestry contractors operating in native and plantation forests in NSW.

The design and development of a Forest Contractor Training and Certification scheme is underway. It is intended that the Scheme will be industry-led, and is being jointly developed by the NSW Government in partnership with the Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA), who are responsible for the project management and delivery of the Scheme.

A key objective of the Scheme is to ensure contractors are familiar with their regulatory obligations to minimise the possibility of breaches, and in doing so, to improve community confidence in the forestry industry along with its long term social and environmental sustainability.

The Scheme consists of two components:

  • establishment of a program of accredited training modules for forestry contractors, leading to
  • certification of contracting businesses as being competent to deliver services in accordance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Further information on the Scheme can be found on the AFCA website.