2018 NSW Regional Forest Agreement Review and Renewal

In 2018, led by the EPA, the three NSW RFAs were formally reviewed. This process included the publication of the NSW RFA implementation progress report, public submissions and an independent review. Resulting variations were formalised on 28 November 2018.

The independent review of the NSW RFA was tabled in the Australian Parliament on 25 June 2018 and made 16 recommendations to improve the delivery of the RFAs in NSW. A comprehensive response to the review was prepared by the NSW and Australian Governments, outlining how these recommendations will be addressed.

NSW DPI led the renewal process for the NSW RFAs. This included public submissions and publication of key documents, including the Assessment of matters, Sustainable yield in NSW RFA (PDF, 3003.39 KB) and Renewal Fact Sheet 2018 (PDF, 558.99 KB).

Assessment of RFA values and the principles of ESFM

To support the decision to extend the NSW RFAs, the NSW and Australian Governments undertook an Assessment of matters pertaining to renewal of Regional Forest Agreements. This document provides an assessment of trends in sustainability indicators in each of the NSW RFA regions.

Sustainable Yield in New South Wales Regional Forest Agreement regions (PDF, 3003.39 KB) publication delivers on the commitment in the NSW RFAs to publicly release estimates of sustainable yield for public forests in NSW RFA regions where timber harvesting is permitted.

As required by the NSW RFAs, a review of the NSW RFA regions sustainable yield was carried out to assess the impact of the 2019-20 bushfires in NSW. This review and the independent assessment of the review can be found below:

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