Extending Regional Forest Agreements

The NSW and Commonwealth Governments have commenced work to extend Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) across NSW. RFAs are 20-year plans between State and Commonwealth Governments for the sustainable management and conservation of Australia’s native forests.

There are three Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) in NSW: Eden (expiring on 26 August 2019); North East (expiring on 31 March 2020); and Southern (expiring on 24 April 2021).

​​​​​​​​​​As part of the extension of these RFAs, the NSW Government is seeking comment on the a draft set of principles that will underpin the style and content of the amended Agreements. This consultation coincides with a review being undertaken on how we are tracking in implementing the existing RFAs.

This provides our stakeholders with a full picture on how we are performing in implementing the existing agreements, while at the same time what the future holds for these agreements, and how we can learn from our experience over the past 20 years.

The NSW Government is committed to working closely with all parties in getting the balance right in the long term management of our forestry resources.


Public submissions

The public are invited to provide their views on the renewal of the NSW RFAs. Submissions can be made by the following options:


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Extending Regional Forest Agreements questionnaire

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The NSW and Australian governments have committed to extend the Eden, North East and Southern Regional Forest Agreements. While the existing RFA boundaries, core objectives and commitment to the National Forest Policy Statement will remain unchanged, the improvements and changes to the RFAs through the extension will be informed by public consultation and the outcomes of the RFA review.

Some examples of improvements the governments are considering include:

  • streamlining and strengthening the review and reporting arrangements,
  • a rolling extension mechanism, and
  • updating the Regional Forest Agreements by:
    • simplifying structure and content
    • removing redundant, completed or duplicated commitments
    • including contemporary references to legislation, regulation, codes of practice or processes including contemporary commitments that reflect current and future policies.

In thinking about the existing Regional Forest Agreements – and results from the most recent performance review:

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