Additional training for public land hunters

Hunting on public land in NSW has been risk assessed to international risk management standards in 2005, 2009, 2010 and 2013. From 2013, the risk assessment has been reviewed annually.

The Forestry Corporation of NSW (FCNSW) is the land manager for NSW State forests and are responsible for reviews of the risk assessment. The public land hunting risk assessment is available for download from the FCNSW website.

NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence (R-Licence) holders must meet additional requirements before being eligible to hunt on public land in NSW:

  • hunters must carry an operational Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled device at all times when hunting. State forest maps showing hunting and exclusion zones must be uploaded to the GPS device.
  • hunters must complete two new online education modules covering outdoor navigation and hunting written permission conditions and then acknowledge a safety briefing on signs that are used in State forests.

These are in addition to existing controls such as understanding and carrying written permission issued by the DPI Game Licensing Unit and the mandatory requirement to wear an item of blaze orange on the upper body. Written permission to hunt may be carried digitally or physically.

Education modules

Hunters need to complete two new education modules before they will be allowed to book a hunt on public land.

The modules are accessed by logging into the online services portal and following the instructions.

You will need your R-Licence number and security PIN to access the online hunt booking system. To find or reset your PIN, use the online services 'Forgot PIN' link or contact the customer service team at or 02 6363 7650.

Course information

Click on the name of the course for to view a sample PDF of the course content.

These are not the online modules. You must login to the online services portal using your licence number and security pin to complete the assessments.

ModuleSectionsAssessmentPass mark
Outdoor navigation
  • Mapping skills
  • Using a map and compass
  • Using a GPS
Four questions per section, randomly selected (total 12).Minimum of three correct answers out of four, per section (75%).
Written permissions
  • Legislative basis and important aspects of written permissions
Four questions, randomly selected (total 4).Minimum of three correct answers out of four (75%).

You can access and attempt the module assessments up to three times in 24 hours. You only need to complete these modules once.


You will be assessed on the additional education modules after you work through them on the online services portal.

GPS compulsory

Instructions on downloading GPS files to your device 

Hunters must carry an operational GPS-enabled device when hunting on State forests. This is a mandatory condition for public land hunting.

Each hunter:

  • must have their own GPS-device (except minor hunters, who must hunt in the company of a full licence holder). Groups of hunters cannot share a GPS-device.
  • must have the GPS-device in their possession at all times when hunting.
  • must ensure the GPS-device can locate their position at any time when hunting. This does not require hunters to have their GPS on constantly, but to be able to turn it on and locate their position at any time.

The GPS must:

  • be able to display your location at all times when you are in the State forest specified on the written permission.
  • contain up-to-date map files showing boundaries and exclusion zones for the applicable forest – it's compulsory to download GPS map data of the forest you have booked.

GPS data downloads are available for:

  • GPS devices running MapSource.
  • Google Earth .kmz files for other suitable devices.
  • Smartphones with the PDF Maps (Avenza) application installed.

You can access the GPS downloads on the online services portal. You will need your R-Licence number and security PIN to access the online hunt booking system. Contact the Game Licensing Unit on 02 6363 7650 if you require your security PIN or use the 'Forgotten PIN' link.

Instructions on downloading GPS files to your device are available.