Additional training for public land hunters

NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence (R-Licence) holders must complete some additional training before they are given access to book a written permission to hunt on public land.

To complete the additional training:

  • login to Online Licence Holder Services using your licence number and security PIN
  • select 'Watch the public land hunting video tutorial' option from the main menu.

Once you have watched the tutorial, complete the declaration. You will then have access to book a written permission.

The tutorial covers important information all R-Licence holders must know before hunting on public land, including:

If you don't know your security PIN, use the 'Forgotten PIN' link or contact the Game Licensing Unit on 02 6363 7650.

Additional training requirements for R-Licence holders were brought in following a review of the NSW hunting risk assessment in 2014. The additional training ensures they are aware of how to navigate on public land, the general written permission conditions that apply to all public land hunting and how to identify signs in a State forest and know what they mean.

Until 2020, this training comprised two online education modules and an additional safety briefing. The public land hunting video tutorial simplifies the additional training requirements while ensuring R-Licence holders know and understand important information before they can book a public land hunt.

The tutorial must be watched and the declaration completed before you will be given access to book a written permission to hunt on public land.

Yes, you can access the public land hunting video tutorial by selecting the 'Watch a tutorial on public land hunting' option from the main menu of Online Licence Holder Services.

You can also refresh your training by watching the tutorial on YouTube.